About us

LOMBARDIAS BROS Company has been established in 1952 by a pioneer screen-printer, Angelos Lombardias. His experience and the “know how” of the art of screen-printing was passed on the family’s second generation. Half a century of hard work, great and ambitious investments in equipment and continuous improvement in the production process, has resulted in providing customers with prints of the highest standard and quality, and has placed the company within the top of the industry.

Our production unit, as well as our storage facilities and screen-printing machinery of the latest technology, places us in the luxurious position of printing 35,000 m² daily. Additionally, by covering a wide range of materials on which screen-printing can be applied offers the flexibility of meeting the highest demands of the European market. By incorporating the most current business practices and European standards of screen-printing, LOMBARDIAS BROS Company is enabled to address customers’ needs with consistency and quality.

Passing on to the third generation, the company reintroduces itself in the market with substantial investments in digital printing. Being able to use hybrid printing, screen/digital printing, is what diversifies the company and makes it possible to offer products with the advantages of both fields.

Professional consistency, service quality and technological improvements are the components that differentiate LOMBARDIAS BROS Company and contribute in reaching its primary objective: the production of prints which surpasses the expectation of the most demanding customers.

The company has the ability to conduct with businesses of all sizes. Its vast experience and knowledge combined with continuous modernisation of our printing equipment and use of innovative printing applications, drives us towards conquering the future.


LOMBARDIAS Company is a member of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) and a distinguished member of the Federation of European Screen-Printers Associations (FESPA).

FESPA enables the close collaboration and sharing of knowledge between screen-printers on technological issues, and promotes screen-printing through each of the 28 separate National Associations in Europe. Every 4 years FESPA organizes events where LOMBARDIAS Company actively participates and has been awarded 12 times so far.

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